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Root Symphony is the luxury headphone made from lustrous platinum coated brass, surface finishing by professional jewelry maker. Splitter and sleeve are also made from lustrous platinum coated brass for the good appearance and the best sound quality. As for the conductor wire, it is the silver plate copper wire wrapped with TechFlex Nylon® which has high flexibility, light weight and flame-retardant properties. The Root Symphony is beautiful, elegant like a luxurious jewelry that full of the best sound quality you have ever experienced.

Sound quality of Root Symphony is extraordinary clear means it completes collecting every single sound detail. Metal body makes the perfect reflection of the frequency in both time and distance aspects. It will give a good sound dimension and make the stage wide and deep with three-dimensional sound field. It will make us can touch the sound from near and far distances without having a focus.

As for music instrument sizing, Root Symphony makes it real and balance. It does not cause the plump sound and extends beyond the level until the overall sound is too tight. The placement of every sound is appropriate, showing the shape of the sound accurately. The vocal of lead singer is crystal clear and not standing out of the musical sound but it does not sink into the musical sound. It gives the vocal freely standing out without overlapping. For the mid-high level above general vocals, it is clear, and it does not touch the edge. As for the sound of the stringed instruments, whether it is knocking or strumming, the sound stretches quite well and then fades up quickly and short. This is the characteristic of the headphone from HeadphoneGuru emphasizing on the continuity of the sound frequency. We do not make a superficial excited sound to provoke people to buy headphone easily.

The bass sound is compact and full and does not grow to over the sound room, but it is enough for recording. The drumhead bounce reflecting the resonance and we can feel a small vibration that hidden in the sound. The sound of the snare is very good, and the sound can be separated very well, not just shaking randomly.

For the stage of Root Symphony, it will give an observer’s experienced different from the model that made of wood which gives the sounds like the listener is closing to a musical band or surrounded by a musical band. The Root Symphony will experience the listener like stay away from the musical band that does not like any other regular headphones. Root Symphony will make listener not overcrowded or uncomfortable due to it feels like there is the air mass between listener and musical band. Moreover, there is airy between musical instruments as well. The sound impact is in the moderate level.

We would like to recommend ROOT SYMPHONY. It is the representative of the perfection of sound and appearance because it is the master piece from our research and development. We have limited production capacity due to the production requires high craftsmanship. Therefore, please be patient.