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The High-tech Earbud Replacement You’ve Always Needed
At Comply Foam, we take our earphone tech pretty seriously. We don’t think anyone should settle for poor fit, achy ears or compromised music quality. The stock silicone rubber tips that came with your shiny new pair of earphones are sacrificing sound and fit for the sake of saving a few pennies—but we know how to make the most of your new music machines. Our Isolation Series (T/Tx-series) Foam Tips are comprised of our proprietary memory foam material to truly drown out the world and bump up the bass.

When it came to planning, crafting and bringing Comply Foam earphone tip replacements to life, we put in the sweat equity to make them the best tips on the market. The result is our unique viscoelastic memory foam technology that can be truly cradled by your ear canal—no matter the size or shape. Comply Foam is dedicated to understanding the sound of science, which means you can hear music exactly as it should be heard.
Superior Noise Isolation in a Noisy World
There are a lot of headphones that open the floodgates to ambient noise. Trucks buzzing by, city traffic stocked with honking horns, loud conversations at the café table next to you—these noises are distracting not only from your task at hand, but also from the true sound of the music you’re listening to.
Comply Foam’s Isolation 400 foam tips are tailored toward those who seek the solitude of noise isolation. From everyday listener to musician to athlete, these earphone tips are specifically designed to let you hear more of what you want—not what you don’t. Isolation Series foam tips are engineered to create a custom ear canal seal. The flexible core of the earbud allows for the tips to conform even better to your unique ear canal.
Standard silicone rubber tips are dramatically less flexible and lack the ability to conform to the specific shape of your ear canal. Additionally, their typically thin design allows even more ambient sound to infiltrate your stream of sound. Comply Foam’s tips are 10 times thicker than standard earbud tips, resulting in remarkable external decibel reduction. When you slip these in, expect two times more decibel reduction than you’d experience with silicone tips. Due to poor fit, outside sound floods your music just like an open window lets in an unpleasant draft. Isolation Series tips will keep the sounds of the city and the pounding of your sneakers out of your favorite refrains and will keep low lows, high highs and everything in between right where they belong.
Snug In-ear Fit
These memory foam earphone tips feature an ergonomic design and superior attenuation. And as your ear canal changes shape and size as the temperature of your body heat fluctuates, Isolation 400 series tips will change with it. This ability to adapt to you for a dynamic custom fit means you’ll feel secure doing pretty much anything with these plugs in place, whether that be soothing yoga or high-intensity training.
A supreme fit means your earphones won’t fall when things heat up. Sweat and fast-paced activities won’t leave you constantly putting your earbuds back where they belong thanks to the material’s optimal friction coefficient, which makes them grip and hold tight 100% better than silicone. Once you plug them in, they’ll stay put until you decide the music is over.
Hear the Most of Your Music with Superior Audio Experience
Standard earphone tips leave music feeling empty. Even with the best technology in earphones available today, high-quality sound is lost through rubber tips that leak sound. Because of the superior fit and thickness of Isolation Series earphone tips, you’ll get to experience what a true ear canal fit adds to your playlist. These won’t leak low bass or high pitches—which means you’ll hear a fuller, richer sound from the second you hit play.
Soft Comfort Memory Foam
Comply Foam Isolation 400 series are softer than your typical earbud—30 times softer than silicone, if you want to get into details. What does this superior level of softness mean for you though? Our pillowy soft memory foam Tx-400 and T-400 Isolation earphone tips make your listening experience more comfortable than it’s ever been. A softer earbud means less irritation, fewer achy ears and longer listening. The ear fatigue you’ve endured for years is finally getting shown the door and the new era of listening comfort is getting ushered in. Welcome to pure listening bliss.

Hi-Fi Brands Compatible with Hi-Fi Earbuds
Comply Foam earphone replacement tips are made to fit a broad variety of well-known names in the audio world. Our 400 Series earbuds slip onto quality brands like Audio-Technica, Denon, House of Marley, JVC, LG, Philips, Sennheiser, Skullcandy and V-Moda earphones. They’ve perfected the earbud; we’ve perfected the earbud tip. Combine the two for a music-listening experience unlike any other. 

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