The enlarged 2.50 mm² multi-stranded BRC conductors and the X-Shield® are the main distinctive qualities of the XS version along with the same insulation/binding arrangement as that in the Special SC. Our patented Multi-Element Shielding System with an integral multi-stranded BRC drain wire brings exceptional EMI protection across a wide frequency bandwidth - from ELF to SHF, drastically reducing the negative influence of multiple external interferences on the actual audio signal path and further improving the overall mechanical and damping properties. Thanks to exemplary EMI immunity and impressive flexibility the Special XS SC is perfectly adapted to in-wall installations. We are confident that no other speaker cable anywhere near this price combines such an exceptional linear and dynamic sound transmission with effective resistance to outside interference. With the Special XS SC we start to offer our speaker cables in factory terminated lengths.

Type:shielded symmetrical speaker cable
Conductror:2 x 2.50 mm² (84 x 0.196 mm) twisted multi-stranded BRC conductors
Insulation:2-layer CAFPE®
Dielectric binding:SDB
Shield:X-Shield®with an integral multi-stranded BRC drain wire
Jacket:antistatic low-loss SPVC
Protective cover:nylon sleeve
Outer dimensions:15.5 mm
Termination:Banana/Banana, Spade/Banana with Original connectors
Available:on spools and in standard terminated lengths
Country of origin:made in Russia

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