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BGVP DMS 6BA+1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX HiFi Audiophile In-Ear Earphone IEMS


Fully CNC high precision audio cavity
The whole shell is composed of 6 series aluminum alloy back shell + full cover processed by metal 5-axis CNC

Innovative 3D printing bracket structure

The DMS adopts the independent innovative 3D printing bracket structure, and adopts the reasonable acoustic principle to arrange the units, which greatly reduces the distortion, and the harmonic is lower, makes the earphone more stable.

Polymer nanometer material, composite diaphragm dynamic

Specially developed for DMS, the new dynamic unit, customized high-performance N52 magnetic circuit +CCAV voice coil + gold-plated metal shielding shell, presents you with more real sound.

More professional balanced armature combination

DMS adopts one Knowles SWFK0-31736 as high frequency and extremely high frequency, with good extensibility and sound transparency, and two customized DEK-60318 for middle and low frequency, together with 10mm polymer composite diaphragm dynamic, to make the human voice more mellow, high frequency pleasant, low frequency more powerful and better dive.

Electronic 4-way crossover sound scheme

DMS inherits the professional electronic 4-way crossover sound scheme, makes dynamic and balanced armature connect with each other, and the mainstream tuning style, no matter it is popular, Musical Instruments can be easily controlled, with high three-frequency separation and distinct sound.

Carefully calibrated frequency response curves

The overall curve is auditory and very natural. Vocal details rich, soft and not irritate. High frequency beautiful, airy is strong. Low frequency just right, good flexibility, both listening and quality.

High quality MMCX interface

Effectively solve the problem that the earphone cannot be used due to the short cable, improve the playable diversity, and provide more options for the future upgrade cable.

High purity single crystal copper(OCC) silver plated cable is more tensile and wear resistant

Standard single crystal copper silver wire with high purity can effectively reduce the distortion and loss caused by signal transmission process, so that the sound is more transparent and the sound quality is better.

Ergonomically locate the auricle accurately

Ergonomic design radian, fit the auricle, avoid wearing discomfort for a long time, disperse ear pressure, lets you enjoy the fun of music.

Hi-res high quality audio certification

DMS has been certified by Japanese AUDIO association "Hi-Res AUDIO", bringing you a listening experience beyond CD level


Drive unit: 6 balanced armature (Knowles + BGVP) + compound diaphragm dynamic driver
Frequency response: 10Hz-40kHz
Sensitivity: <110dB SPL/mW
Distortion: <0.5% at1kHz
Impedance: 12 น้ท
Cable: high-pure OCC silver-plated cable
Cable length: 1.2m
BGVP DMS Earphone
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