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BGVP DM7: Six Driver BA IEM

New design - easy to drive



  • 3D printing technology
  • German medical-grade resin
  • Knowles + Sonion 6BA
  • 4-Way Crossover + 4 sound bore
  • Customized IEM


3D printed?resin cavity shell

Germany Envision TEC 3D printing equipment.

PMMA acrylic fiber is made of medical-grade material, which improves the high temperature resistance and impact resistance. The left and right channel error is within 1dB, creating a cost-effective class of custom headphones.

4-Way Crossover + 4 sound bore

Integrated with professional 4-Way Crossover + 4 sound bore, the 6?balanced armatures?are?linked to each other to present a balanced sound in all three key areas - bass, midrange and treble.

High frequencies offer a?beautiful sense of air.

Low frequencies?are well balanced?with good speed. They are great both for critical and casual listening.

Clear imaging allows?precise positioning?and offers a?superb?sense of layering, bring you auditory enjoyment.

Knowles SWFK-31376
Knowles ED-29689

Sonion 33AP007

Knowles CI-22955

Sophisticated processing 4-Way Crossover technology

BGVP DM7 adopts the industry standard 4-Way crossover technology, the drivers transmits sound waves through 4 separate channels equipped with 3 Knowles filters and 1 patented acoustic damper, which divide the extremely high, high, medium and low frequencies. It makes the overall curve smooth and coherent?and the sound real and vivid, removing any fatigue?even when listening for a long time.

low frequency channel

Intermediate frequency channel

Medium high frequency channel

Extremely high frequency channel

High quality MMCX interface

The BGVP DM7 use the MMCX standard to connect the cable, as it?can effectively solve the problem of earphones becoming useless?because the cable breaks, and it also allows to change the tuning through the cable?and provides more options?to upgrade the cable.

Pluggable MMXC interface

Audiophile Cable

Stock cable is an?8-core mixed single crystal copper + single crystal copper silver foil wire:?not only does it allow for lossless?signal transmission with improvements to sound quality, it also is good enough to?no longer make you worry about upgrading.

Customized wearable experience

The ergonomic design allows the earpiece to fit the ear canal, avoiding?discomfort even after?a long time, also dispersing?ear pressure, so as to let you enjoy the fun of music.?We partnered with Siemens to access their ear canal database: we analysed and compared data on tens of millions of ear canals to obtain earpieces that fit the human ear perfectly.

Hi-res high quality audio certification

The BGVP DM7 has been certified by Japanese Audio Association as "Hi-Res Audio", bringing you a listening experience beyond CD level.

Wearing diagram

Make sure to distinguish the right and left earphones. Pay attention to the "blue" and "red" marks on the wires. Blue is for the left ear and red is for the right ear.

Insert the earphone straight into the ear, slightly rotate it until it fits the ear.

Hold the earphone cord behind your ear

Press and hold the earpiece?to adjust the seal

Adjust the earphone cable?to fix the earphone

Congratulations, you can start your DM7 music journey!

Product parameters & standard accessories

Driving unit: six balanced armature units

Sensitivity: 115dB SPL/MW

Input impedance: 13.5?

Frequency response: 10 Hz-40 kHz

The distortion rate: 0.5%(1 KHZ)

Cable length: 1.2m 5%

Weight: around 5.3g

Cable: Single crystal copper + single-crystal silver-plated copper wire

Standard equipment: vocal sleeve S/M/L, equalizing sleeve S/M/L, packing package X1, brush X1

Knowles BA SWFK-31376

Knowles BA ED-29689

Sonion BA: 33AP007

MMCX Connector

Customize Tuning PCB

Knowles BA CI-22955

German medical grade resin shell

Customized 4-way sound tube

3 Knowles Filter

1 Customized filter

Carefully calibrated frequency response curves

The overall curve is balanced, pleasant?and very natural

The DM7 is rich in details in the vocal area, which is soft and never piercing. High frequencies are??beautifully rendered with a strong sense of air.

Low frequencies are?just right in their presence, with good speed. They are appealing both when you want to concentrate on music and when you just want to have fun.