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ATL USB-A201 Series USB-2.0 ( A Type Plug )
Acceptable wire diameter: 8.0mm
PIN: 24K non-magnetic gold-plated or multi-layer non-magnetic plating by rhodium.
Body: Connector used: 24K gold-plated USB 2.0 connector.
Shell: Aluminum alloy 6063/T5 sandblasted anode in its natural color.
USB A201 has 3 models.
USB-A201 SG.
2 PIN 5V DC power supply and 2 PIN DATA 2 PIN are 24K non-magnetic gold-plated.
USB-A201 RG.
2 PIN 5V DC power supply is 24K non-magnetic gold plated. 2 PIN DATA is ATL consistent multi-layer, non-magnetic plating rhodium, technology.
USB-A201 RH.
2 PIN 5V DC power supply and 2 PIN DATA are ATL consistent multilayer non-magnetic rhodium-plating.
Appearance of aluminum alloy sandblasted anode color in the high-end / fashion / beautiful can be with the appearance of all kinds of wire for a perfect match.

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