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ATL PS-3504RH/PS-3506RH Headphone Upgrade Wire Plating Plug.

ATL 2017 New Products.

ATL launches a variety of high-quality audio levels "AUDIO GRADE" with headphones enthusiasts.
Headphone plug-in! As a quest for the highest quality and high quality headphones enthusiasts you can not miss!

Uses ATL highest-grade 4-layer electroplating enamel, which is the industry most updated plug after replacement.
Range open / tri-band equalization / high frequency fine extension / IF sweet thick / low-frequency full width.
Voice performance without losing bandwidth and analysis, coupled with silky traits ~ show exquisite modern sense of space and soft charm.
The appearance of the use of mirror-plated platinum high-end / fashion / beautiful can be with the appearance of various types of wire for a perfect match.

ATL PS-3504RH entry diameter : 4.0mm.
ATL PS-3506RH Access : 6.0mm.

Shell : Brass Plated Mirror Platinum.
Substrate : Brass 4-layer non-magnetic plated enamel.
In line diameter : 4.0mm/6.0mm.
ATL multi-layer non-magnetic rhodium plating technology ~ copper plating - silver plating - gold plating - rhodium plating.

Welding considerations:
It is recommended that you prepare the corresponding female or corresponding earphone and insert the male plug of ATL PS-3504RH into the female seat in advance and then screw down the shell to measure whether the positive and negative poles are completely connected before welding.
In this way, the center pin of the PS-3504RH plug has been fixed to the mother seat, and the displacement and heat generated by the welding will improve the yield and improve the yield.

Matters needing attention:

After the welding is completed, measure the PS-3504RH plug and 3.5mm female connector again for 3-5 minutes and then remove the 3.5mm female connector or earphone.
Please use a small wattage soldering iron and 0.5mm wire solder or the following solder to avoid contact with the PS-3504RH male plug too long.

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